Capricorn weekly horoscope 25 february 2020 michele knight

Your birthday love compatibility prediction shows that you often wish personal relationships worked like business transactions. Capricorns consider love a serious affair. You do not go jumping into the first available arms. Besides, so many come across as easy lovers, and we all know that relationship will not last long. For that reason, a relationship with a Capricorn with January 15 birthday may be slow to start, but it will be worth the wait.

You are generous with your displays of love. When you settle on a romantic relationship, usually it is with a mature partner. To say it nicely, the influx of those attracted to you will cause your living and breathing to be desperate. You should not fall prey to people who could change your mind so quickly.

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The key to success is the focus. Since January 15 zodiac is Capricorn, you know how to take care of business. This helps you focus on your wants and desires. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! You often work yourself to the bone yet the list of things to do never seems to get any smaller. Stop adding things to do!

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Learn to normalize your life and stop doing so much yourself. Delegate, delegate.

Capricorn Weekly Astrology Horoscope 28th October 2019

The future of person who born on 15 January will be dependent on how well you manage your current affairs. Test Now!

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  6. But it requires focus and organisation. Passion missing on the work front? In a nutshell: Time to ditch the Mehs and commit to having more passion in your life. Sometimes we need more of a good thing to bring that back. Go in pursuit of it, Libra. Commitments to a cause, a belief, a higher path or something you are not ready to reveal feature now, Scorpio.

    Juno joins ancient ruler Mars in your 12 th. Some of you could commit to learning the Tarot or astrology. Others embrace a new religion or belief system. Signing up to something that helps others — especially those disadvantaged is another outcome. This is your house of compassion and selflessness. Others could make a soul promise to someone or something — such as a cause or a subject where you may work behind the scenes or in secret.

    People or situations will also reveal whether or not they are worthy of your commitment too.

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    Reality could bite as Mars makes a revealing angle to contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3 rd. News or something that is said could shift a connection either way — for better or worse. This could also emerge unexpectedly and without warning. Chiron in your 6 th unveils something which may take you unawares on the 9 th when it opposes Juno. Neptune of course, is the ruler of your 12 th.

    This could bring you a divine encounter that leaves you literally soul-struck. Feel as if you have known this person before even if you just met? Consider the possibility you have. In existing relationships, soul contracts fall due this week. The commitment you make may have been made a long time ago. To that person, path or higher power, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Soul contracts fall due this week, Scorpio. To that person, path, cause or higher power.

    What you hear puts a connection in a new light. Time for a commitment either way. Bear in mind this week that you have Venus in your 1 st.