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Death is a card that strikes fear to most, but it is actually one of the most freeing and positively life changing cards of the deck. When Death appears, know that something better, something more aligned to who you are, and who you are meant to be is absolutely on its way. Spend time with the willow tree, who does not fight against the circumstances of her surroundings, but rather bends, and adapts, and thus grows stronger.

Even when uprooted, she can allow the winds and waters to take her to her new home, where she can lay her foundations and begin again. Dear Gemini , this summer solstice take pleasure in the progress. The end goal is important, but so is how we get there. Even if difficult, there are lessons to learn along the way. Stay present, stay diligent, and ask how this boring job, or this set back, or this seemingly impossible undertaking serves you.

Spend time with the mountain. It does not matter where, at the base, in the middle, at the top. Appreciate where you are, for there is a fresh, new perspective at every level of elevation.

A Summer Solstice Tarot Reading: What Should Your Sign Focus on?

Dear Cancer, this summer solstice say thank you to the thoughts and beliefs that held you back, because now you know you are stronger than them. When we feel trapped by outside forces, we give these forces authority to control us. It is time to take responsibility for your wellbeing. What did I learn from the heartbreaks, the disappointments, the betrayals, and the losses?

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If you stop for a moment, and take ownership of your life, you will find that you have learned an invaluable amount. Spend time with the ocean, and gain perspective.


See how vast and infinite it is on the horizon, and see how our problems are only as big as we make them. Dear Leo , this summer solstice take root in the Earth, and embody the spirit of strength and stability. Father of Earth is the provider. He makes sure he and his tribe has all they need to lead a successful and fruitful life, and he shares what he has because of his abundant mindset.

Father of Earth asks you to hold this space for yourself and for those you love. Spend time with the oak tree. With massive, sturdy roots and lush foliage, the oak tree provides much needed shade and shelter in the hot summer days. How can you offer a sanctuary? How can you make others, and yourself, feel safe and welcome? Dear Virgo , this summer solstice participate in the divine practice of giving and receiving, of creating beauty through energetic exchange. The material world is to be enjoyed, in balance and moderation.

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To give is your right, and to receive is your right. To block either is to block the healthy flow of energy.

And you are worthy to receive, you are worthy to be thought of, to be helped. Do not deny someone the gift of giving. Spend time in a field of wildflowers. Watch as the bees and butterflies feed from the flowers, in turn pollenating and spreading life and beauty. There is a balanced exchange, an infinite dance of reciprocation. Dear Libra , this summer solstice it is okay to indulge, it is okay to be excessive, allow yourself to have fun. The Devil is not about dark forces, it is about your relationship to pleasure and the physical world. The Devil wants you to dance, to drink, to laugh, to play.

There is healthy excess, and then there is destructive excess, which leads to addiction and codependency. Discernment is key. You know within when enough is enough. You know when your desires help or hinder you. Spend time with the sun. There is nothing like spending a day in the warmth and embrace of the sun, absorbing the light and producing much needed vitamin D.

Dear Scorpio , this summer solstice give birth to new opportunities, and new ways of feeling abundant. It also brings forth positive news in terms of health, introducing nutrient rich foods and implementing new exercise regimes. We do not have to wait for something to happen in order to feel abundant or healthy. Does the love around you make you feel abundant? Does choosing a piece of fruit over a piece of pie make you feel more in control of your body? Small changes in choice and perspective can help align you to a frequency of prosperity and wellbeing.

Spend time with the forest. See the abundance of life that it holds. There are countless trees, choirs of birds, a confetti of flowers. Know that there is more than enough. Stand your ground like the crab with its claws raised ready to take on any challenge.

Cancers will experience a true calling to their purpose with the north node joining the sun in cancer this year.

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As confident as they can be, Leos have their moments of self-doubt, too. Summer Solstice is the perfect opportunity for this zodiac sign to find a middle ground between self-adulation and self-deprecation. When you shine at your brightest, Leo, everyone wants to bathe in your glory. When you are putting out your own fire with negative self-talk, you start to burn those around you.

Virgos have a tendency to want to take on any project or challenge, both to please other people and to prove to themselves that they can handle it—and handle it well. However, this characteristic often gets Virgo in trouble and causes them to feel overwhelmed. The Summer Solstice is the time for Virgo to figure out the true dynamics of their relationships with others. Not only does the Summer Solstice mark the longest, brightest day of the year, but it also marks a time of change.

Just as the days will begin to shorten and grow darker, so too will your life begin to change. This year, Libras will want to focus on where they are in their professional lives, and where they would ultimately like to be. If not, use this solstice energy to transform yourself into who you want to be. Every zodiac sign has a problem or a concept with which they need to wrestle during the Summer Solstice and for Scorpio, it is all about spirituality this time around. This zodiac sign feels emotions so deeply, and now is the time to make sense of those emotions and how it relates to their place in the world.

Or, do you still have so many questions that you do not know where to start?

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Sagittarius loves to have fun, but they must remember that fun typically comes with a price tag. Before you book your next adventure, take the time to sort through your finances and figure out if that vacation to Brazil is actually doable this year.

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It is easy for Capricorns to get tunnel-visioned. This zodiac sign is always focused on the bottom line and expects the same amount of effort from everyone else. The fact is, though, that not everyone can be as determined and responsible as you. Now is the time to zoom out and take in the bigger picture.