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Click here for Patrick's free daily Love horoscopes! The Full Moon on the 12th brings an end to a painful work situation. This is a great time to launch your own business, audition for a part, or put your artwork on display.

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Pay no attention to an envious relative or neighbour on the 19th. The New Moon on the 26th will bring fame and acclaim. A reward will be given to you on or around the 6th as thanks for your hard work.

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An overseas trip or advanced class will provide profound pleasure; secure a spot by mid-month. The Full Moon on the 13th brings a successful conclusion to a family matter. Resources will become more readily available when you sell some property or cash in some investments. Be sure to attend a big party on or around the 27th, when the New Moon puts some influential people in your path. Have a generous supply of business cards on hand. A lover will be especially attentive to your needs as June turns to July.

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Authority figures will be more attentive in the opening days of July. Use this opportunity to make an important presentation or request. An office romance will heat up in the second week of the month. The Full Moon on the 12th will force you to break free from a troubled relationship. Fortunately, friends will be on hand to ease the transition. Spending more time on your own will prove therapeutic starting in the second half of July. Let your best friend pamper you in the days surrounding the 19th. Problems with a difficult colleague will erupt during the third week of the month; you may not be powerful enough to fight this bully.

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Rely on an influential relative or neighbour to get you through this rough patch. The New Moon on the 26th is perfect for going on a spiritual retreat. Choose a destination that evokes fond memories of childhood. Your boss could go back on a promise during the first week of the month, so prepare for a setback. All is not lost. A generous relative will help you out of a financial pinch in mid-June.


The Full Moon on the 13th concludes a contractual obligation, giving you more freedom in your personal life. Your boss will single you out for favourable attention throughout the second half of the month. Developing your creative potential will be fulfilling in the final days of June. Be on the alert for career opportunities on or around the 27th. A high profile job will allow you to rub elbows with several prominent artists. It will be much easier to share your expertise once July gets underway. No matter how tremendous your achievements, a jealous relative will not give you the respect you are due.

Try not to dwell on it; everyone else knows just how talented you are. Coping with professional responsibilities will give you precious little time for a close relationship during the first half of the month. Fortunately, your social life will get a jolt of electricity during the second half of July. Be ready to sort through a stack of party invitations. Getting paid what you are worth will be easier once the 20th arrives. The New Moon on the 26th is perfect for hosting a birthday party or pursuing a childhood dream. There will be a dash of glamour in everything you do as July turns to August.

You can talk anyone into anything mid-month; put your powers of persuasion to work. The Full Moon on the 13th brings payment for a job you did some time ago. Bite your tongue when dealing with an offensive neighbour in the second half of June. Money from an inheritance, refund, or lawsuit will allow you to afford more luxuries during the last week of the month.

You could gain admission to an exclusive school or club as June turns to July. Your chances for getting a scholarship or grant are high, especially if you apply for several. Ask a respected civic leader to write you a letter of recommendation. You could get in a war of words with a teacher or expert in early July.

Eventually they will adapt to changing circumstances. Set up a meeting with your boss to discuss a work related issue that has been bugging you since the month began. Their response will be positive and helpful. So when you do express your thoughts it can be in a self-critical way. If someone tells you that you should be proud of your talents, resist the temptation to brush off their praise. Treat yourself to a trip or night out on the town. If money is tight. Time is running short and someone wants to know whether or not you are going to join them on an adventure they are planning.

If this conflicts with family obligations it would be better to stay where you are.

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Your loving nature helps you make inroads with someone special. You and your partner or best friend can talk for hours without realising how much time has passed. If you are buying off the internet, you may not be happy with your purchase. Last Updated:. Russell Grant horoscopes - your stars for the week 1.

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